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Mostly harmless literature and film and dietetics and space geek. INFP Hufflepuff who can also be found at: instagram | twitter | the detention centre for creativity. Anti-pseudoscience double Gemini who enjoys contradictions. All this and more for the low low price of damn kids, get off my lawn.

Liberté, Égalité, Beyoncé
Ni Dieu, Ni Maître
Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь!
Workers and Oppressed Peoples and Nations of the World: Unite!


Interests (149):

4w5, a falling pot of petunias, absurdism, all truth passes through three stages, alternate histories, always carry a towel, anarchism, ancient mythologies, arthur schopenhauer, astrophysics, bisexual erasure, black cats, bokeh, books, breaking bad, calories in calories out, cambodia, cat memes, cats are nice, cats cats cats, cccp, cermet, champagne socialism, childish gambino, christian mythology, city living, classless society, climatology, coffee in that nebula, complexity, consumerism, cuba, dear white people, death, deepfried veganism, dietetics, discworld, donald glover, east asian history, eating plants, ecoveganism, elementary, ella fitzgerald, em drive, fair trade, fantasy, farscape, feminism, film, firefly, fluffy cats, food, forty-two, friendly puppers, fully automated luxury gay space communism, geriatric cats, grumpy cats, harry potter, hermione granger, history of all hitherto existing society, history of class struggles, hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, hot sauce in my bag, how many roads must a man walk down, hufflepuff, humanism, immortality, infinite regress, infp, intersectionality, interstellar travel, introverts, jenna marbles, kittens, languages, laos, laughing at cishet men intimidated by janeway, law & order: svu, lgbtiqa, lily allen, literature, longevity, love in the time of cholera, marxism, minimalism, minimizing my carbon footprint, modern mythologies, more books, möbius strip, norway rats, orphan black, plantbased nutrition, powderfinger, pretty tarot cards, proletarian dictatorship, russian history, sci-fi, science education, science-fiction, scott joplin, she saved the world a lot, socialism, sookie stackhouse, south asian history, soviet union, soviet visuals, space, space communism, space operas, space travel, species 8472, star trek, stargate, striped cats, swing jazz, terry pratchett, the borg sounds swedish, the economics of the future are somewhat different, the man from earth, the oa, the observed, the observer, the unobserved, there is complexity in simplicity, there is simplicity in complexity, titus andromedon, trained cats, transhumanism, travel, turtles all the way down, uncle ho, until now!, utilitarianism, vegan for the animals, vegan health, vegan pho, vegan pizza, vegan tattoos, veganism, vietnam, warp drive, we are the universe studying itself, we no longer enslave animals for food purposes, whales, white australia has a black history, wolf 359, workers of the world unite, writing, ya fiction
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